1. Bloodlines, The Beginning (Part 1)

    Every night since her thirteenth revolution around the sun, Scarlette would have very vivid lucid dreams ; Ones involving the night, vampiric lovers, and most common, of adventures that were wondrous and full of magic, fantasy, and secrets. These nightly illusions were forged of her deepest desires, deep longings for things that were just impossible. Sadly, the light of morning, and the ring of the alarm clock would destroy them, and thus she’d be brutally thrust back into reality. And so, amidst another one of her dreamscapes, it happened. The alarm clock signaled its daily toll to rise from slumber, shattering the peaceful, dark world she had inhabited while deep in her dreams. It was morning. Dreadful morning. She arose in a half-startled, but mostly half-asleep state. She reached for, and pounded furiously on her alarm clock; that annoying little creature. As per habit, she stretched, her back popping and making ungodly noises. She was quite stiff. It seemed she’d once again been sleeping in some preposterous position; the sheets just confirmed her intuition.

    As she made her way to the bathroom to get her day started, she couldn’t help but picture vividly the dream she was having just before that annoying little beast she called an alarm clock startled her awake.
    When she stopped to ponder just why she had dreamed of such a place, she was met with a depression fact: they were only subconscious reflections of want of night and peace. But every day, without fail, she would be rudely slapped back into reality by her alarm clock, and forced to drag herself out of bed to live among reality in the world she quite detested. It was starting to wear on her. Dark circles under her eyes proved that sleep was much needed, and wanted. As she stared at herself in the bathroom mirror, she began to space out, her mind yet again yearning for slumber and dreams.

    The beep of her watch snapped her out of it. A morning person she definitely was not. Curiously, she glanced down at the other beeping creature. Six fifteen.  School was to start in about an hour. She began hurriedly getting ready for class. As she pulled her brush through her lightly tangled midnight blue hair, something caught her eye. The reflection showed, briefly, two individuals in the bathroom. Though as quickly as she’d seen it, it disappeared. “I need…coffee…”She mumbled miserable to herself, shaking her head to try and chase off the morning fatigue. Since coffee was scarce in her household, she decided a shower was the next best option. She walked to it, turning on the water, and quickly left to find a towel.

    Meanwhile, on the other side of town, rain hit the windshield of Raiden’s car. He pulled nonchalantly into the parking lot of his new school, flipping back the dark crimson tinted bangs that hung in his eyes to get a good look. It was first time in his life he would be attending public school. What he saw before him was a pathetic, shabby building and childish adolescents shuffling into it. He switched off the engine and turned up the radio, letting the screams of his favorite band ring through the early morning, putting his mind at ease for just a little while. After losing himself in music, he heaved a sigh, and reluctantly turned the car off. He soon began making his way to his new, shabby surroundings, sliding his hands into his coat as he walked. The attire he donned was black in its entirety, adding to the mystique that made him appear quite intimidating, yet all the more striking. His boots thudded softly against the wet concrete, confidence echoing with every stride.  When he reached the main office he casually strolled over to the secretary and leaned over the counter. His damp hair fell over his shoulders as he set his cold, forest colored eyes on the preoccupied woman.

    “I’m here to register.” He stated in his naturally husky voice, an indiscernible accent clinging to his words giving them a velvet finish.

    Surprised, the secretary stammered, “Um, uh, let, let me get your paperwork. What is your name?”  

    “Raiden Ankou Gage,” he said as he surveyed the room with mild disinterest.

    “Here you are, young man, your paperwork is complete. If you take a seat, we will get a student to give you a tour in a moment.” she said.

    “That won’t be necessary, thank you.” He responded and swiftly made his way back into the rain.

     He stood under the slight awning at the entrance of the office for several moments to look at his schedule. It read:

    1. B-6        Art Fundamentals 
    2. A-13      Psychology   
    3. D-26      Calculus
    4. C-11      Physics
    5. B-3        Music Theory
    6. GYM     Weights

    He rolled his eyes. He had already been taught all those subjects and more at a collegiate level by his family members and private tutors. It had been a questionable choice to send him to an underachieving public school. His best guess on that matter was that they wanted him out of the way while they handled more pressing family affairs within the family business. He was not meant to “get his hands dirty.” In his opinion, it was utter bullshit. He folded away his schedule, and watched the rain fall purposely to the ground.

    Elsewhere, Scarlette was finishing up her morning shower. She heaved a sigh as she focused the steaming jet of water between her shoulder blades; her tense muscles took a few moments to begin relaxing. She was sore from sleeping in whatever ungodly position she ended up in, and the hot water helped her alleviate some of the aches and kinks from the time spent in those unnatural positions. Her body was covered in rose scented suds, and the steam rising up from the shower floor further enhanced the scent of her rose bath gel. The familiar smell soothed her. She ran her fingers through her long mane and conditioned it with a light lavender conditioner. She released it and allowed it to flow back to its natural resting place. The strands caressed and wrapped themselves around the curvature of her waist while she let the hot water rinse away the silky conditioner. Her midnight shaded hair contrasted beautifully with her pale, milky skin. It was one characteristic of many that made her look unnatural. The most striking characteristic that differentiated her from the others was the peculiar coloring of her eyes. A genetic mutation, heterochromia to be precise. She had inherited it from her odd lineage; it made her eyes two different colors. Stranger still was the impossible color combination inherited: steel grey and violet.

    She rinsed off one last time and stepped out of the shower. She padded back to her bedroom dripping wet,covered in a poor excuse of a towel. After drying her body, she wrapped her hair up in her towel. She began to raid her drawers and closet, choosing a comfortable yet weather appropriate outfit. After a few minutes of indecisiveness, she settled on wearing a white tank, army green cargo pants, her favorite thick black sweatshirt, and her combat boots. It was the perfect ensemble to battle the cold, rainy weather. She glanced at her clock. The bell that signaled the beginning of classes would ring in five minutes. She grabbed her notebook, shoved it in her backpack, and with keys in hand, bolted out the door.



  2. "Glitch" Chapter 1 Part 4 [end of Chapter 1]

    As I stared in awe before me, I couldn’t help but feel intimidated. The face smiled. It was neither male or female. “Welcome, Sonia” it said. The tone was neither male or female. It just was, and it echoed around the newly made room I was in. I jumped back, and fell, the codes rising like dust from where I fell. “How…why…what…?” I couldn’t even find words. I didn’t understand how this coded face new my name. Perhaps this was God, and what we thought we knew about the afterlife was wrong. The face chuckled a bit. “I know, you’re startled. You died, and had to watch everyone around you suffer. But the fact that you’re here as a glitch in the system means I can still use you.”it said.

    "Glitch…system….? I don’t think I understand." I said, confused. The face looked at me somberly. "What you don’t know, but need to know now…is that your reality was created by me on an advanced computer system. You are part of a project called Project Gaia, otherwise known as the life project. I created every existing being on the plane you call earth. I gave you free will, religion, autonomy, a place to learn, and life. It’s all in your codes. Even your deaths. But recently, a virus, which we are calling the Extinction virus, is what’s causing these recent atrocities. Most of the beings in the system either die because of it, and have their soul  transferred to the Heaven or Hell part of the server to be used later, or become part of the virus itself. You, however…Your coding glitched, and now there’s something I can do with you…and you can save this place."It said.

    I stared, astonished. Baffled even. Life made sense now, and, sadly, I found my existence rather futile now. “So…what you’re saying is, because I glitched, my coding changed, and…I can hunt down the virus?”I asked. The voice laughed. “Something like that. if you accept the patch I send to you, you will become what I like to call a ‘sonar’, or the one that can pinpoint the virus or virus patches.”it said. I heaved a sigh. “But what good will that do? I can sense them, but i can’t fight them off.” I said, feeling more useless than ever now. “I didn’t say you’d be alone. There are others…three in fact…which will complete the antivirus program. Of course, I still have to pluck them from their respective locations on ‘Earth’, but together, you can do this….Just think of yourselves as superheros, only you’re never going to have to deal with the public.”It said. Suddenly, before me, there was a patch notification. I stared at it. “You can do this, Sonia. Just accept the patch, and we can begin.”It said.

    Since I really had nothing left to lose anyway, I hit accept. Flashes of code encircled my being. They linked into my system, feeling like razorblades cutting into my skin. Cries of pain passed my lips as the last of the codes embedded itself along my spine. After the patching was over, I looked around. The world looked different. I could see the differences between good and bad coding. I could even see the footsteps of some of the potentials to go bad. And on top of that, I felt stronger than ever. “Before you go into battle, I have to bring the other three here. You’re save in the white zone, so don’t worry too much. I shall see you soon.”it said, before disappearing. And thus, was my start to what would be the most epic, frightening, and most challenging thing I would ever come to know.

    [end History Mode: Sonia Vega]


  3. "Glitch" Chapter 1 Part 3

    As if the searing pain wasn’t enough, the realization soon hit me that I was no longer a part of this life. Was I a ghost now? Who would find my mutilated corpse? How would my parents take it? All these questions circulating in my mind. I had had my eyes closed. When I opened them, all I saw before me was the pieces of my body, my head a few feet away. It had the same look of a child who was frightened of the boogeyman. I turned away. The world was different now. The rip was gone, but I still saw the coding.

    At first, I didn’t know what it meant. Why was the world showing me code? Wasn’t I supposed to see that oh-so-famed “bright light to heaven” then go there myself? Part of me wished I had listened to the curfew. It was set in place to keep things like this from happening,right? I looked back to that day thinking I was a fool for not listening to Officer Barklay two weeks ago at the emergency meeting….

    Okay. I know it seems strange that I’ve asked you all to turn out today. But it is at the request of my commanding officer that I give you this message. There have been a string of…well, horrendous deaths recently all across the county. We do not know the identity of this killer or killers, nor do we know if it is gang related. All we can say is that things are becoming incredulously dangerous. So, as agreed with the schools, and our county office, we have set in place a curfew. Students are not allowed out before seven thirty in the morning to go to the buses. The bus system has changed their route so more children and teens are picked up at a safe zone under adult supervision. Walk in large groups as much as possible, ladies and gentleman. Also, no child or teen is allowed out after 6:00 pm unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. Anyone caught breaking these curfews will be taken to the sheriff’s department, and their parent or guardian called to watch them.

    If you’re caught ditching school, you will be escorted back, and personally supervised by one of our officers. That is all I wish to say. I have papers on the matters to hand out to your families. Please abide by the curfew, people. Thank you.
    ”. His speech was brief, cursory, and to-the-point. We’d all been asked to sign the paper, and have our parents sign it. We had returned them all the following day, much like the mundane school ritual of handing in homework. Sadly, that morning, I had gone out at seven because the bus I was supposed to take was pretty far, and mama couldn’t take me there since her car was in the shop. I swore that old rust-bucket was just going to up and die one day. Mama swore up and down it had enough to get her by until she was eighty.

    But now, here I am, any second now, some poor sod is going to come walking and meet with a horrific sight. I pray it’s not a child. Don’t let a child see this. It would scar them. Scar them so much that they dare not close their eyes when they sleep at night. The time soon rang seven fifteen, as I could tell form my watch which beeped every fifteen minutes. Right on cue, two large groups of students had come walking down the hill. As they got closer, I watched one of them, a girl, scream in horror. Some people vomited in the streets, others started in awe. I felt like my corpse was some side show freak. Eventually, cops were called, my parents notified of my untimely death, and news crews bustling about over me.

    Within a week, things had quieted down, though not on the news,and not at home. Thousands had turned up for my funeral, and spreading of my ashes after my body was picked apart to salvage what I could donate to someone. Mama, after the funeral, and in a fit of crazed, anxiety-filled depression had a mental breakdown, and was now in a psych ward. Papa wrote out his will, then hung himself on the balcony leading down into the foyer. He left all the money to Mama to pay for her care and medicine for the rest of her days.

    But I was still there. I witnessed everything. My funeral. My parents losing it, Papa’s death, Mama going crazy. And I couldn’t talk to them, or communicate at all. I felt…helpless at best. But I soon became determined to find what had killed me, and put an end to it. As I began thinking of vengeance, the world faded into a bright white, with blue codes surrounding me. Eventually, a face formed out of those codes. A face, I would soon come to realize, was that of our creator.



    Music, writing, reading, singing, and art.(:
    ~ Kai 


  5. "Glitch"Chapter 1 Part 2

    I hurried my pace as I stepped out onto the street. The sun was peeking out from behind the horizon; the streetlamps were still illuminating my posh neighborhood with their florescent glow, making everything take on a slight orange hue. The streets were still and relatively quiet. The hustle and bustle of the upscale suburbs’ waking wouldn’t start for another hour or so, but I was a person who strived on punctuality, and I liked to get work done before most students even thought of arriving on the school campus. I had my paintings waiting for me, and in my own head I was robbing myself of precious time by getting caught up at home. I was late and anxious to let myself into the classroom to work uninterrupted, but little did I know that I was going to get the interruption of a lifetime.

    I continued walking; my mind on my project pieces for the upcoming exhibition and on the final touches of the dress that would encapsulate the most memorable night my high school career. After all, senior prom night’s ensemble was the most important out of any respectable upscale girl’s social life, and I was thankful my mother was following through with my demanding requests for it. My mind was calculating, working at a thousand synapses a second to organize, plan out, execute and my visions correctly and precisely. I walked past one of the cafés near the school in the more commercialized part of town, and stared at its dark windows longing for one of their signature French Vanilla cappuccinos. I planned to return at lunch for one, since they would open when school had started.  I could already imagine it - the rich smell of vanilla enticing my nose as I took the first sip, the creamy and smooth blend of a mild coffee with the right balance of vanilla swirling around on my tongue while the foam tickled my lips - my own personal and well deserved reward for pushing myself to strive for and attain excellence. I smiled at the unconsciously at the thought.

     A strange red light caught my attention and took me out of the coffee daydream; The light became a rip through the air, it seemed as if something had legitimately cut the air and made it bleed. The rip was about the length of an average person, and quickly became more like a jagged crack, widening and revealing nothing. The center of the crack was a void. My surroundings started to pixelate, and fade out of focus. I felt my skin tearing, and my limbs being pulled. I looked down and saw rows upon rows of illuminated numbers under my skin, like strains of binary code flashing and changing, while my body was being mutilated piece by piece. An invisible knife hacked at my body. I lost my left leg from the knee down, the blood sprayed and gushed as I tried to clutch at the stump. My left wrist was the next to go. I tried to scream from the pain, but all that came out was a high pitched screech, more like the sound of whirring machinery than a person in pain, and then, my neck was slit, my head rolled off. I couldn’t really tell you what else I felt happened to my body, it all happened quickly and I was in the worst pain imaginable. I was in a world of pain that I hope no one ever experiences. I was no longer human…


  6. "Glitch" Chapter 1 Part 1

    Imagine everything you thought you knew was a lie. That your reality is nothing more than the mind of one giant being on something as simple as a computer. That your time on “Earth” was pre-planned, even if your death seems like an unfortunate accident. Now imagine that system slowly being corrupted by a virus. Unexplained atrocities. People killing others, unexplained phenomena, missing people, random bodies found destroyed and unrecognizable, millions injured by seen and unseen forces, civilizations falling into ruin… and the creator losing control of the environment they had created.

    Now imagine yourself as a victim of one of these atrocities, your body mangled and left for dead, decaying in the streets after an explosion or a freak event…except, you didn’t die. Instead of dying and losing all consciousness of who you were or whatever it was you believed your afterlife would be, you look back, only to find you’ve left your “physical” body, and are staring down the wreckage as a glitch in the system, unseen by those in the virtual world you were a part of. Congratulations, you now know the truth. You now see what the creator stares down every day. But, in being a glitch, you also just derived a truer purpose… To become the antivirus.

    This is the story…And we will start with the first of the “glitches” in the system, a young woman named Sonia Vega. Let’s take a look at what happened to her, from her perspective, shall we….?

    [end of intro]

    [enter character history: Sonia Vega]

    My name is Sonia Vega. Until the accident, I was your average seventeen-year-old brat. Rich, half Indian, half Latino. And I didn’t take shit from anyone. But before I tell you about the now, You have to know what was going on before. It all started with a curfew….

    Breaking news, a local school remains on lockdown after a potential terrorist bombing inside a public library just down the road-” I flicked off the television. First, there was all this gang nonsense, and civil rights marches due to the world still being not fully accepting of people, and now this. I don’t quite know what this world is coming to. I just know it’s not safe, especially not for people who look like me.

    Luckily the bombing was in another state. Sadly, I still have school. Flags at half-staff. Great, just what we need, a reminder of death. As if we don’t get enough of that from the war going on overseas. Mama sat on the couch, busy needling away at my prom dress. She was determined not to have one stitch out of place. Dad was at work. He was secretive bout his job though, but it brings in the money, so I guess, as long as it does that, we’re okay.

    Finishing my breakfast, and taking my vitamins, I looked over to Mama and smiled. I walked over to her, and hugged her. “I love you Mama. Take care today, okay?” I said. She gave me one of her motherly kisses. “Take care,and do good in school. Don’t want your Papi thinking you’re a slacker” she said, her voice rich in that accent she had. I smiled. “You know I’m no slacker, I have straight A’s.”I said, teasing with her. I looked at my dress. “It’s beautiful Mama!” I said, gazing down upon it as if it were a beautiful child. “And it will make my princess look more beautiful.” She said, squeezing my chin like she always had, and talking in a sweet, silly coo of a voice, which annoyed be, but I knew it meant she cared. I looked down at my cell. “Oi, I’m almost late mama. I’ll see you when I get home.” I said, grabbing my bag, and rushing out the door to get to the bus. Sadly, I wouldn’t be wearing that dress to any sort of event.